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Daily Juice - Just In case

I know it sounds hard but please hear me out on this one if no other.

I come from two perspectives, loss, and positivitea.

You never know when the timer goes ding, for you, or for the one you love ( I know you thought of someone). Seconds, minutes, hours, days, years, done in and instant and that's it. I always regret that my Uncle didn't hear more how much he impacted my life. Maybe it could have helped. I regret not telling my Grandpa thank you for all of the time he spent with me nourishing my growing young imagination instead of doing his work. Time is limited.

As for positivitea, well you see the same time is limited in interactions we have. Co-workers, friends, to the random person in the grocery store. Seconds of talking can change the way a person thinks about you. It may be a simple passing glare or grunt of frustration that could set another person over there edge of emotionality for the day. Because your one thing piles into the other hundred they have faced today.

I like to believe in either case that life is hard enough with out making it harder on each other. Spread positivitea in everything you say.

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