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About Spacebunzz

Spacebunzz is a creator of art and a vlogger.

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Book to be unveiled soon

OGSpaceBunzz is currently being featured as Elryia "Ghost" Rhivaldeon in Gregory James Knoll's second novel In A Time Of Chaos where she plays the lead character for both his cover and promotional videos.

Book releases November 21st 2021. 

Check out the first book below! 

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Pop Culture Classroom's Pop Up Con

Harley Quinn Cosplay Panel Appearance

I was honored to be a guest on the Conquering Cosplay Panel for Pop Culture Classrooms Pop Up Con!! It was so much fun sharing all about getting into cosplay and giving tips on how to make it work! 

Pop Culture Classroom truly has some amazing comics and educational books to help kids learn things like history and important events! Make sure you check them out! 

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Dossier Perfumes

Dossier Perfumes is a cruelty free, clean ingredient dupe of high end perfumes at affordable prices. Spacebunzz created a video in collaboration with Dossier. Their perfumes are made in France and smell absolutely heavenly.

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