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Custom Merchandise

Welcome to Bunzz custom shop! We offer all kinds of custom items! Below are pictures of things I have created stickers, labels, art work and decor. Don't see what you want? That's okay! Send a message anyways! I will be happy to do anything I can to help you create your dreams! No order minimums required!

Custom Shop: Text
My project (12).png
Custom Shop: Services

Custom Stickers, and Labels


Custom Cups

My project (11).png

Custom Mugs


Custom Signs and Decor

If you would like to chat with Spacebunzz about your custom designs please use the "email bunzz" button below and send a detailed email. *Please include a phone number if you would prefer to be called.* Feel free to contact me even if your desired kind of merchandise is not shown! I love a creative challenge! 
Thank you!

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