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Meet the Team: About

Spacebunzz (the only human on the team) is pretty much our decoy to stardom and fame. Her use of apposable thumbs and clever ideas our plans of world domination are near completion. It really wouldn't be the same with out the vlogger.


Meet the Team: Quote

Ricardo is in charge of all video/photography. Occasionally we let him hold the mic but you know....the breathing.... anyways thank goodness we picked up this sweet boy behind the pet store or things would not be nearly as cool.


Meet the Team: Quote

Regina is our fashion coordinator, make up guru and style icon. Regina also made us keep that statement and threatened to quit but let me write the rest which was a mistake. How about we just let you go back to the park we found you in Regina... What? You think Brad is still waiting in that tree for you. Probably not.

she also forced us to keep this format...instead of just being professional like every one else...


Meet the Team: Quote


Rico is Space Fam 44's writer. He spent a summer "abroad" in Connecticut .... and he learned some pretty swell english. The trick with Rico is always keeping him on task

now that I think about it I don't really remember where Rico came from. 

Meet the Team: Quote


Tabitha is the intern we picked up a few weeks ago when she jumped into Bunzz car driving down a rocky highway. Although she's our biggest expense since she eats NON STOP.... she's quite helpful being a young "Gen Z" as they say and so she does the trendy hip stuff. Ya know keep it cool.

Meet the Team: Quote
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