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Daily Juice - Just Breathe ;

Experiences unfold so quickly we rarely have time to intake everything our brains will process before we leave. My favorite reminder to my self is to Just Breathe; It can be hard in the hustle and bustle of life to remember that small bit of self care. A deep breath of fresh, clean, delicious air filling our lungs like a calming wind. That single breath gives us a moment. To process, and think. To grow and change the outcome of a situation. So many options become available in that free second of brain fuel.

If you made it this far thank you. A personal story as to why Just Breathe ; means so much to me. I was 9 when my Uncle said goodbye. Torn apart and confused I searched for years for answers I will never get. Why did he leave me. For years Cold Play's music brought me tremendous amounts of calm and peace in his love for their music. Just Breathe (a song by Pearl Jam) features a soft lullaby tone and lyrics so moving. It quickly reminds me to Just Breathe ; the semi colon represent Suicide Awareness, and everyone who chose to ; keep going

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