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Try again.

Well hello again. The end of any year is a challenge but I think we could all agree ending last year was a whole bag of angry cats. Usually I would start a new year bubbly and happy. Excited for the fresh start in time and movement forward. Not this year. After the last few I felt drained un-appreciative and un-excited to move forward this time. I think that's why this quote really seemed right for not only BLOGGING again! But also ringing in a New Year I'm not sure anybody is ready to be going into. This fresh start is not actually about moving somewhere new. Somewhere without all the problems we face, but into the new year with a new mindset. One willing and ready to face our challenges, a mindset that does not put us down but instead lifts us up and reminds us how beautiful we are.

Welcome to the new year, new you.

I'm excited for every possibility this year holds for me and I will accept and embrace them all.

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